How to Refer to Inner Renewal Therapy

Referring A Loved One

If you are considering referring a loved one to Inner Renewal Therapy, I appreciate your support in their journey to well- being. Your loved one is fortunate to have someone like you in their corner. They can request a free 15-minute phone consultation with me, where they can share why they are seeking therapy, learn more about my approach, and determine if Inner Renewal Therapy is the right fit for them.

Referring a Patient

Thank you for selecting Inner Renewal therapy as a valuable resource for your client’s therapeutic needs. I am honored to support their mental health journey, and your referral is a key step towards ensuring their well-being and personal growth. To expedite the process, please provide the necessary information through our secure referral form.

Information Form

To refer a patient to Inner Renewal Therapy, kindly fill out the secure form below. I appreciate your trust in my services and are committed to offering your patient the highest level of care.

Nurturing Resilience & Blooming Through Challenges

“Last summer, I spent almost an hour blowing dandelions off their stems towards him, so that he had a chance to wish for everything he wanted.”


 Helen Oyeyemi