Experience Inner Renewal Therapy Through The Words Of My Clients

I was having a very hard time with fears of what would happen to people I care about. Therapy was an amazing help with my anxiety. I started out with a different therapist and it was very hard to switch. Alina was so kind and helpful with the switch. I was so glad that I switched because she was so nice and playful. I left sessions confident with my ability to get through anxiety. The skills she taught me continue to help me, even after finishing therapy. Now I know that anxiety isn’t bad. I am so happy that she was there to help me with my anxiety. I definitely recommend her for mental health support. She is super awesome and is very helpful”.

Client,  Age 11

My 11 year old daughter worked with Alina for 6 months & I attended her weekly sessions with her. We absolutely loved Alina! My daughter had a lot of fear around therapy & Alina connected with her quickly and helped her to feel comfortable. She was always warm & professional and was able to help my daughter learn tools to better manage her anxiety and other big emotions. My daughter left each session feeling positive & confident in her ability to work through her fears. She made huge progress and surpassed all of her initial therapy goals. Even though I was not the one in therapy I received so much value from my daughter’s sessions, not only tools to help me parent her better, but also tools I continue to use when dealing with my own everyday life stress. I would absolutely recommend Alina to anyone in need of mental health support at any level.


”Alina is a dedicated, professional and kind therapist. Working with her, I was able to find relief and focus on personal growth and healing. She is supportive, warm, and open-minded. In sessions, I always felt safe to speak my mind and I knew that she would listen and offer helpful encouragement and insight. Alina helped me understand my diagnoses and introduced me to a variety of skills and tools I will carry forward in life.”

Client, Age 26